SHORT SHORT with English summary   October  2004   The faceless men   顔のない男達


TV画面で深深と頭を下げる紳士達。 近頃、そんな機会が増えたような気がしませんか。いつも同じパターンで、銀行・電力会社・官公庁の上層部の何人かが並んで、一斉に頭を下げて。私は、こういうのを外国ではどんな風にやるのかな、米国だったら、中国なら、韓国ならと、取りとめのない事を考えながら観ていて気が付きました。どうもおかしい。ピンとこない。何か間違っている。この人達からメッセージが伝わってこないのです。
もし、貴方の唯一つ、絶対の目的がお金儲けだったら、これはまたべつの話しになります。そのときには、「人生の幸せ―お金―人生の意味」という難しい、悪循環に直面し対決しなければなりません。 頑張ってください。

The faceless men
Nowadays so often I see bowing, apologizing men on TV and newspaper. They are high-positioned persons in large-scale organizations such as banks, electric power plants, public offices or police organizations. I don't feel well. The scene is not quite correct. Something is wrong. Do they really, sincerely send me some messages?
The establishments' personnel managements rotate 2or3 years' interval. I don't know who made this clever system. It is very effective to keep the organization well. But remember, the organization itself guarantee nothing for us. Last week he could have been a sales manager. It must be not so easy for him to feel sorry. Many of those who are in the establishment spend their working hours to be the best personnel. Their interest is how to survive, how to climb up in the system nothing else. They want to be very professional in the system itself.
We all work. We have somewhere or someplace to work. The place could be a large corporation, a shop, a school or a small one-man atelier. We all work to produce something, such as financial services, cars, good students or a piece of sculpture.
We are good-natured. The nature calls us to be the best. To be the best in a working place and to be the best to produce are very similar but not quite same. Especially when the place is a large institution or corporation, it is so easy to misbelieve the best for oneself in the place as the best for the product.
In the town we meet nice people. Shoemakers, bakers, butchers, tailors, teachers, it is so interesting to have a chat with them. Obviously if you work in a small organization, to do for your best and to do for the best product are one and the same thing. If your only and absolute goal were to make money, then the story shall be another one.
You have to meet a difficult and malicious circle,
"Happy life--Money--Meaning of life."        Good Luck.

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