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Boiled green soybeans      "Eda Mame"

For us Japanese, August is the high season of drinking beer.
Boiled green soybeans, not red fresh radish, are favorite snack to nibble with beer drinking. We boil them not as naked seeds but kept in the pod. Old days the pods were sold as a bunch of branches, and boiled and served with the branches.
I believe just newly boiled ones taste best. I eat its rather hairy green pods after taking off the hard plasticlike inner pod. This manner is considered very peculiar by most of Japanese but I love this way. My grandfather, he could be some 150 years old by today, used to be very dissatisfied and unhappy when he saw not all of the pods were neatly filled with exactly three beans each. There might be an inheritance in my family.
Japanese love so much this immature green soybeans boiled with the pods, we have theories and rules. Harvest early in the morning and eat in the evening, naturally in one day. Boil them in 3% salted water for 7minutes for 500gr. beans. This strictly controlled culinary culture, i.e. harvesting, distribution and cooking must be very paramount, very Japanese in the world.    I thought.  Wrong. Asparagus, broccoli, Bulgarian cucumbers, Greek
aubergine and Swedish young potatoes; Many vegetables are carefully harvested at the best timing not well ripen in botanical sense. So many refined food cultures we have in our world.
Let’s try them in your summer vacation.

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