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東京では、つつじ・さつきの花盛りも過ぎ、新芽の美しいこの頃です。 東京育ちの私は、何となく咲き始めには「つつじ」、その内に「さつき」と呼んでいましたが、気になって調べてみました。 すると、一括りでは「つつじ」、それを分ければ4月に咲き始めるのが「つつじ」、5月・さつき・になって咲くのが「さつき」と、植物学上でもそのようになっているらしい。

Towards summer
Azalea blooms are over in Tokyo. Now we have beautiful new fresh sprouts. For azalea, in Japanese, we have two different words. Tsutsuji and Satsuki. I have grown up in Tokyo, I have used to call the flower Tsutsuji at the beginning of the season and then Satsuki. Botanically also it is said that the large group is named Tsutsuji and if you define them, then in April should be called Tsutsuji and in May should be called Satsuki. May month in Japanese is Satsuki.
The Hokkaido area is somehow in the northern European weather zone that the sort of trees and flowers are few. However, in the Honshu area there are many trees and flowers. I live in the central area of Tokyo where there are many of plants. Most of them have been planted after the war WII, for the 80 years have gone today. These plants are old and big. The big old cherry trees had full blossom. Now they are full of fresh sprouts. The tree of integra had full of red fruit. I feel nice and happy, waiting deep green summer to come.