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The Olympic Games today 

In Japan, we write the Olympic Games “Five Rings” in Chinese characters. This word is made in Japan. I think it is a masterpiece. The word has a tight relation to the mark of the Olympic Games. Japanese can recognize and understand it immediately. The word can be nicely sit in the both horizontal and vertical manner of writing. However, Chinese do not use this word.

The mark of the Olympic Games is also a supreme masterpiece. The mark is perfectly accepted in the world. The mark was presented in 1914 and registered in 1920. A hundred years has passed. We went through a violent period of fluctuations in these one hundred years. We went through the World War I and World War II. Revolutions and independences. There are still people who experienced those tragedies.

The mark of the Olympic Games is very characteristic both in the figure and in the colour. Therefore, we tend to wonder what the mark symbolizes. According to the standard explanation, these five rings with five colours are the five continents with their populations that is to say, Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania. Today, we cannot accept the explanation. Even our children find so many irrational facts. The explanation was the concept of the world and the concept of the sports owned by the group of people concerned to the Olympic Games 100 years ago. Today, we the common folks who are the majority in the world, all love sports. Through this one hundred year, we have solved quite some social problems. We have come to the situation of today, but still wars are going. There is a lot to do for a better world.