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Some thoughts on the Corona
We are in the second year of the Corona pandemic. One round of the four seasons and 4 months have passed. Corona virus is also an animal on the globe, there ought to be some relation to the seasons but we have found nothing. As a pandemic, the grade of damages differs too much between the countries. Why? Are there any relationships between the grade of infection and geography or culture or race? Many clever people in the world are somehow quiet about it.
Even then, today we know that the contagion (body contact) spreads the Corona. For me, a layman, the difference of the Corona damages in the world is caused by the manners how to cut off the chain of the contagions. I.e. the patterns of daily life, the routines of personal hygiene and anti-Corona literacies of the peoples make the differences of the Corona damages.
I live in Tokyo, over sized metropolis. I strongly realize how irrational is the transport system with full packed commuter train that takes hours of our daily life. Instead, we can work at home. Here, the home, the house is too narrow. Meanwhile companies and enterprises react quickly selling their huge glassed buildings and minimize their main office. The school life of the children has to take different form. The on-line teaching is quite common. SNS has been considered as a notorious tool for children but not anymore. The communication among relatives and friends living apart are getting lively also by SNS.
Our life is a result of accumulated daily life. We should take the chance of this Corona crisis to reconsider our patterns life, customs and routines.