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Corona and War
Soon we shall have Christmas then New Year. Long time ago, when our ancestors realized a darkest day, the winter solstice, came regularly, they understood the four seasons. I.e. they met the civilization. The civilization turned to the culture and to the religion. Ten thousand years ago, the human hunter-gatherer society became the agricultural society. People settled in a limited surface of the earth. The agriculture society has much higher productivity than the hunter-gatherer society. Therefor the population increased quickly. Gradually, the settled areas met each other. The contacting area, the border zone, became a constant conflict area. Since then, our history has been the history of wars.
The big nations have long national borders and face to many neighbor nations. It is a natural consequence that the nations keeping constantly war are big nations. Generally said, a nation consists of people speaking one language. So called an internal, domestic problem used to be a conflict between two language groups in a nation. In any country, their people has dissatisfaction with daily life. The nature and the quality of their dissatisfaction have nothing to do with the intellectual level of the people or the leader of the country. The leaders of the countries must be accepted by the people. Therefore, the leaders call themselves democratic. In reality, they go after populism. Actually, this is natural since a leader is one of the population.
From the aspect of economy, the war shall never make good balance. However, we have had wars for centuries spending our life, energy and natural resources as if the war makes fantastic balance. COVID-19 is taking our economy to a real deep recession. After COVID-19, our life continues. Life of each of us builds the world of tomorrow. Perhaps we are facing to a great chance to cut off and end up our long history of wars.