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The Tokyo Olympic Games and Corona virus
The number of deaths by COVID-19 differentiates very much after the countries in the world. Deaths per one million population; Japan-13.7; USA-685.0; UK-668.3; (world averedge-149.8). I.e. as to both in USA and in UK, there are about 50 times more deaths than in Japan. The increasing ratio is; Japan is slightly plus and USA and UK rapidly increasing. Therefore, the Olympic Games in Tokyo are postponed to next year. However, if we consider the situation of the world in COVID-19, to hold the Olympic Games next year is rather unrealistic. People discuss many alternatives: to hold 2022, 2021 without spectators, lets postpone to 2032.
The Olympic Games have not such grave and serious meaning and value as people used to say “For the international friendship and to encourage the sports.” We human beings like and love lively gay feast, festivals that are the most important essence of the Olympic Games. Concerning to the players, every year, many new fresh players make their debut. Therefore, we shall not consider too much today’s selected players. The players must anyhow try to have best condition at the day of competition. “Few can run 100m in 10sec” what then? It is more interesting with a competition of old people who can run 100m in 15sec.
If we would decide a world champion, we can hold an international championship competition. For soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, ski or swimming, a world championship is good enough. The popularity and the commercial power of such an event is well known. Many nations cannot afford to hold the Olympic Games. To those nations, the economic effect and moneymaking through the Olympic Games are distasteful. Talking loud about the economy and the Olympic Games is shameful. If you recruit sponsors, you can hold a big world championship of any sorts without the heavy Olympic Games. We should wait to hold the Tokyo Olympic Games until the time when people from all over the world can enjoy the Olympic Games as a safe and jolly festival.