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しかし、ここで、暴発・暴動の鎮圧のみを目的とする警官隊、その構成要素の警官個人を批判するのは、勿論誤りである。一般社会の被雇用者、普通に働いている人達は自身の仕事に本人・個人の意向を反映できない。仕事とは、会社の仕事なのである。官公庁・大企業・その関連二次三次中小企業で働く全ての人達の日常は、デモ隊に向き合う警官隊・警官と変わらない。最近、コロナ騒ぎ対策で、 テレワークが広まり、試し見たら気に入って、田舎生活への回帰を望む人達が増えているのは、個人意志を反映する生活への回帰・人間性の復活であり、歓迎すべきなのかもしれない。

Demonstration and police force
Every day, we find such news, “Demonstrating people met police force”.
However, it is a peculiar strange phenomenon. There is no common intention, no common motive between the demo and the police. When two persons or two groups meet and argue, there is a common theme and a disagreement. Even in such the worst and most inhuman act as the war, the soldiers killing each other have same intention and motive. The one who meets a demonstration must be the concerned person who shall reply to the demonstrating people. The instant when the police force meets the demo, the day’s demonstration is over.
Here, however, it is wrong to criticize the police force or police officers. In our society, most of us are employed workers for a company who cannot, may not reflect ones’ personal opinion to their jobs. Therefore, the daily work of the people in the public authorities, big enterprises or many sub-enterprises is essentially just same as the police officers. Today, because of the Corona virus, a new work style is getting popular. Tele-work. Some people find it nice. The increase of people who return to country life means to return to the work with reflecting personal will. This is a renaissance of the humanity. We can expect a new “after Corona” life style.