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紅葉・お花見・雪景色・庭園をライトアップという鈍感愚行が横行している。本来の夜店・夜桜・盆踊りの風情を感じない、人混み・集客先行、商業主義者達による暴走だ。 近頃最たるものは、クリスマスツリーのライトアップだった。LEDによって手軽にイルミネーションが出来るからといって、樹木・並木・建物、あらゆるところをキラキラさせていた。そのうち、桜のシーズンになるが、ライトアップのお花見が観光案内の眼玉となる。
自然は美の極致だ。同じ低い横からの赤い光でも、朝の光と夕方の光は全く違う。 朝日・夕焼け・赤富士・・・。  厳冬・月光下の雪景色。清涼な秋の月夜。夜の景色は、夜の光で楽しみ味わうものだ。日中の酷暑を逃れ、一息つける夏の縁台。夜桜は、月光の幸運を喜び、そぞろ歩きを楽しむ。夜の街の散歩は、余計な無駄を暗闇で省略した、店頭の輝き賑わいを縫って行く。

Too many illuminations
Autumn leafs, cherry blossoms, gardens, it is so popular to illuminate them. The commercial tricks only to draw and collect people and money. Last Christmas, both Christmas trees and town facades were overwhelmingly illuminated. Plain, flat and glittering since the LED lighting is very handy. Soon Japanese cherry blossom season shall come. The illuminated blossoms would be the main popular attraction.
The nature is beautiful. The light of morning and evening are very different even both of them are reddish and low sidelight. Snow sceneries in moon light, cool and clear moon in autumn, we enjoy them without LED. The darkness simplifies street leaving shopfront attractions; therefore, the promenade is romantic.
Our visual sense reacts to the light and dark contrasts, not to the quantity of light. We do not see an object clear when it is lighten too much but without shadow. We only see a flat picture.
Today, in the nature, the number of butterflies is getting less. One of the reasons is the increasing artificial light. Buddings, blossoming and multiplication are disturbed. Grasses, trees, animals and insects, their hundreds of millions’ natural rhythms are confused, disturbed by the illuminations. The LED illumination might be the reason of the lessening of the population of modern nations.