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“Pandoro” vs “Panettone”
This year, I am spending my Christmas holidays in Portici, Naples. The weather has been not as beautiful as I expected. I had two fine sunshine days, a half-day each. Every day, rain and wind, southern Italy can be so dark. It is a new experience for me. Actually, Naples is quite north in latitude. The same latitude as Aomori in Japan. However, the temperature is 16 C degree, upper and 13 C, lower. By the way, Tokyo has the same latitude as Malta.
I spent long time looking at TV and generally became familiar with the Italian TV programmes. There was a programme about “Pandoro” and “Panettone”, the most famous traditional products eaten by Italians during the Christmas season. It seems Italians are either pro Pandoro or pro Panettone. In the TV studio and in the street, a TV-personality asked people, which side they belong. I tried my mates with the same question and their replies were very definite.
Pandoro is an Italian type of bread loaf originally from Verona and Panettone is originally from Milan. Both of them are the inevitable sweet breads for Italian Christmas. They are big, the diameters and heights are approximately 25cm. When you cut vertically to a slice, one piece is rather big. Pandoro has an octagonal star shape and tastes Iberian sponge cake. Panettone has a cupola shape and contains raisins and some other dried fruits. A Christmas cake filled with dried fruits reminds us of German “Stollen”.
When we look at a map of Italia, Milan and Verona are in northern area and situated nearly next to each other. Two neighbours, two famous old traditional sweetbreads, compete each other. One with Iberian taste the other with German taste. A half of the Italians support one side and another half support another side. The culture is interesting.