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日本の近代化の一道標として旧帝国海軍の技術輸入ということがある 、カレーライスは、海軍艦上の食事として日本に根付いたとされる。事実、今日でも各地の基地カレーは名物だ。普通、インド・英国・日本というのがカレーの歴史と聴かされて来たが、最近知るところでは、世界の洋上航海者の標準的食堂メニューらしい。イギリスとか、海軍とかの、独特という事ではないようだ。

Japanese Curry rice
Curry dishes are everywhere in the world. However, Japanese curry is unique. In Japan, “curry” means curry rice, just and only curry rice. Curry rice is the most popular home dish in Japan. At home, curry rice made by mother was “Rice-Curry” and when we ate at a restaurant, it was “Curry-Rice”. Even today, at famous restaurants, “Curry Rice” is on the top of their menu. “Ramen, Chinese noodle soup” is very common in streets but not legitimated at family supper.
For school lunches and at home tables, curry rice is so popular that there are many readymade and deep frozen curries in Japan. I enjoy, smile and laugh at the phenomena that these Japanese favourite curries are “Beef curry and Pork curry”. In the world, people who eat beef and who eat pork are not good friends. They can kill each other. They keep peace by eating the mutton. It is difficult to imagine beef curry in India or pork curry in the Middle East. In China, we do not meet curry.
The technical importation by the imperial navy was a milestone of Japanese modernization. Curry rice rooted in Japan as naval meal. Even today, local base camp curries are well known. Recently I heard that this generally accepted history of curry, from India, via England to Japan, seems not to be the fact. Curry dishes have long been some standard menu for sailors over the world, not very specific only English Navy.
In Japan, curry rice has been loved for 150 years and now has established its own character. It might be high time to debut in the world market following “Sushi and Tempura”. Sushi might be exceptional but many of Japanese goods in the world are the cases of re-export, the second generation, such as cameras, cars and high-class cosmetics. Taking in foreign civilization, use and refine them and then re-export them. I think this is a good pattern.