Short short with English summary                         


To touch, to feel, to think
In Japan, a parent usually takes ones child to and from the kindergarten. At a corner of a street, a young mother is standing checking her smartphone. Her child is looking up at her. The child’s sight line angle is upward. The world of children is full of giants, big machines and huge buildings. To sit on a chair, children must climb up. Under the dining table, it is a nice space to play for them. When I simulate the scene with the child’s perspective, it is horrifying environment. However, for the children, this environment is their world.
A kindergarten child becomes a schoolchild, a junior and to a high schooler; unsteady, rebellious, difficult age with a high secretion of hormone. A new link of the reproduction chain begins. For the coming new generations, their reliable safe environment is the world where they have lived, i.e. the world people are silent, touching and rubbing smartphone surface.
We, the human species have become the top of a chain of predators. Since we think, forecast and worry. A silent world without words is a world without the thinking, because the act of thinking is dialogues with oneself. If you do not think, if you do not forecast, you cannot enjoy hitting the correct answer, you cannot feel the delight to accomplish your aim. Without conversations and dialogues, you cannot enjoy the excitement to fight against the contradictions.
The nature is the woven structure, consists of groups and the solitude, the symbiosis and the alienation. Our society started with such physical direct conversations, to see, to hear, to touch, to smell and to taste. We have developed from these physical communications to voice, word, script, sentence and literature, i.e. from physical to metaphysical way of the communication. I wonder how far our world could develop to the silent virtual world.