Short short with English summary                         

投資と投機とは文字面が似ているし、発音も近い。しかし、社会通念・常識良識としては、一方は、健全な経済行為活動であり、他方は危険な賭博的行為とされる。英語では、”investment”対 “speculation”と、はっきりしている。投資銀行とか投資コンサルタントは正業だが、投機銀行や投機コンサルタントは無い。しかし、我々自身の行為、社会のシステムの現象に眼を近付けると、どうも投資の皮を被った実は投機が横行している様だ。資本主義社会の基盤である株式自身、株価と該当企業の業績とは関係がないことは常識だ。およそ投機とは関係のなさそうな米・麦・玉蜀黍といった基礎的農産物の市場価格は、投機の市場で決まる。エネルギー価格も鉱業原材料価格もしかりである。

Investment vs Speculation
It is generally accepted in our society that the investment is a sound activity but the speculation is a risky doing, a sort of gambling. There are investment banks and investment consultants but speculation banks do not exist. However, when we carefully look at our social mechanism and our daily activities, we find many cases of the speculative activities camouflaged to the investments. The stocks and the stock market are a fundamental system of the economy, but it is a well-known fact that the stock prices have nothing to do with the concerned company’s business, result or social value. The prices of those basic agricultural products, such as rice, wheat and corn, are the results of the speculation market. The prices of energy and the basic mineral products are also decided by the speculation market.
So to say, people all over the world work every day and get income fixed by the speculation market. Moreover, people buy things which prices are fixed by the speculation market. Once there were nations such as USSR, China, Vietnam and so on tried to eliminate this social system / mechanism, speculation / gambling market. Those nations forced people planned economy system. Then it turned out people did not work, resulting less production, poor nations.
People must enjoy their life, both to work and to spend free time. We must aim this good society. It seems we all love the gambling and the game. The only activity, that we all the population of the world enjoy, is sports. We should admit it as a fact that we love gambling. Therefore all the nations drive the national gambling system “To To”. Perhaps should we change names of the investment banks to the speculation banks?