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High price
I wrote this essay in a hotel room.
There is a great price difference between the cheapest and the most expensive aeroplane tickets. A tour ticket is a tenth of a first class ticket. A hotel room price differentiates even more. A guesthouse or private pension costs a hundredth of luxurious hotel price for the ministers to attend an international congress. We accept and tolerate it as we suppose the high service quality that make such price differences.
However, I do not think services, which we get today, are equivalent to the high price. The quality of a living space is not limitless. Romanesque, Baroque, Rococo and Grotesque and then what? The sterile modernism? Concerning to Gourmet, it seems to be similar. To have a big dinner at an exclusive restaurant is troublesome and complicated. It is a tiresome act. Not my taste. A dinner in a plane, even worse. Everybody knows there is no matter of fact relationship between the deliciousness and the price.
If you insist and justify the prices of the first class plane ticket and the de lux hotel, there must be the real high services. An idea turned up to me. Service with maid and butler could be the ones. In fact, the acts for the personal hygiene are the most troublesome and clumsy doings in a hotel room or in an aeroplane. Take off and put on the clothes, take bath and dry, cut nails. Choose wares fitting the weather and the occasions. Maid and butler would do the highest services. Now you have the highest service corresponding to the highest price.