Short short with English summary                         

昨今、ポピュリズム迎合政治家が批判され軽蔑されている。しかし、ポピュリズムを馬鹿にしてはいけない ポピュリズムは、民意を政治に反映するという、民主主義の根本であり、主要素なのである。

Today, the media often criticize the populism or politicians to pander the populism. However, we should not make fun and despise the populism. The populism is a fundament of the democracy as to reflect the folks’ will. On the other hand, the democracy is not a fundament of the populism. Democracy is one of the means to reflect the folks’ will to exchanging information, to the system of politics and to the administration in our community. Therefore, democracy as an ideology does not imply any motto such as “no killings”, “what is the justice” and “what is happiness in our life”. I.e. it is natural and no wonder that those powered political leaders talking aloud about democracy scarcely concern us and they do many evil actions.

The folks’ will is our daily desire, needs and hopes. For us, our daily life is important. Things surrounding us are valuable. We have little interest in the future society far away from our own lifetime. We do not try to see the far future after hundreds of years or establish theory. We feel them too abstract. We like loud voices with exclamation points, simple and concise talks. We easily have empathy with them. Our interests are in our close surrounding, not in the national interests. With neighbours and natives, we feel nice and safe. The aged people prefer to stay home, not to move. For them, move to an institution means a first step toward their funerals.

The territory, the borders, the nations with own leaders. Our concept of the world has been same for long time. In reality, today, we live in a society of high mobility. Men, goods and information, all of them move worldwide. We travel all over the world. We use, eat and consume imported things. We use same SNS. We must renew our concept of the world, concept of the nation. The old-fashioned politicians must leave the stage. Nationalism with the old-fashioned national interest is far from the folks’ interest.