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Short-tempered old people
Nowadays, I find a number of old people easily getting angry. So many of my friends are old. It is no wonder since I get older and my longtime friends and acquaintances get older. However, some of my jolly friends have become short-tempered. It is unpleasant to be with someone being angry. I pondered the matter.
The medical science is advancing a great deal every day. The mapping of the functions of our brain is one of the advances. It seems the cells situated in the rather wide surface area of fore head’s brain control our human senses. When the oxidant-supply to these cells is not enough, some of the cells die at random. The consequence is an emotional instability, resulting a short-tempered person. However, the choked blood system cannot choose and focus on some specific functional area of the brain. I.e. the emotional instability could be either toward happy jolly character or toward dark irritable one. The cases ought to be fifty-fifty.
We love to meet and chat. It is hard to be alone. We feel comfortable and happy to keep company. Chatting, to have conversation is a sort of a garage sale of personal opinions. There are several types to present and to sell their personal opinions, with an offensive manner, with humor, with according chorus and with individualism.
A senile jolly person would melt in the chatting party, there none would realize ones retarded manner. A short-tempered person employs aggressive manner and obviously reduce the fun of a conversation.
Getting short-tempered, having fewer conversations, spending monotonous lonely days, I would rather avoid this process.