Short short with English summary                         


Meiji shrine is in the central area in Tokyo between Shinjuku and Shibuya. When you are in the sanctuary, you feel to be in a deep natural forest. It is difficult to believe the whole area was a wide- open field 100 years ago. The site of the shrine and surrounding garden were totally planned. The exactly chosen young trees were planted so that in 50 years, in 100 years and in 150 years the area would have become a deep forest. A part of the garden is an iris pond, which has been kept very well. Actually, the high season of iris flowers is only once a year and very short.
I have visited the iris pond many times. This year, I could hit the best timing. It was a Saturday, fine weather. There were many visitors as expected. There were many foreigners also as expected.
I met a young man in a bright gown. He was a university student from Thailand going to qualify this September. His costume with a gown was a formal wear for the qualification ceremony. While we were having this short chat, a guard approached us riding a bicycle. He told us no costume play in the sanctuary. I explained him that the young man wore the traditional ceremony gown just as student’s square caps and gowns or girl’s “Kimono and Hakama” at Japanese qualification days. The explanation the young man just had told me. The guard left us quickly on his bicycle.
In Asakusa, Sanja Matsuri festival, there were many young foreign girls in brilliant Kimonos. Today, in Tokyo’s street, we meet many different people in many different costumes. Rather bold sleeveless and shorts, which are functional in Japanese hot humid summer. Some people are in their ethic traditional costumes. Traditional, functional and playful, we can enjoy a lot in Tokyo’s street. One day, hopefully soon, we might walk in the costumes after our free choice and enjoy our promenade in the street of villages and towns in the Middle East without feeling any tension.