Short short with English summary                         

人類の歴史上、農業革命以来一万年間、定住化、定住強制、分離、隔離の時代が長く続き、独自の言語を発展させた。しかし、塩、黒曜石といった絶対に必要とされる資源は、通商をうながした。必然的に商業が生まれた。商業は、分離隔離を利用し、繋ぐところにうまみ、利得を見出した。 歴史が進み、移動、接触、混在、混血、多言語共存を認めざるを得ない世界となった。歴史上、栄え、繁栄した都市には、必ず東西南北の美女美男、芸術家、哲学者が群れていた。

Today, now, there are people fighting and killing each other. There is a line between the allied side and enemy side. In the allied side of the line, there are full of patriotic soldiers. In the enemy side of the line, there are also full of patriotic soldiers. The scene is just an image of a reflecting mirror standing on the line. There are people who think the scene is strange and irrational. There are also people who are very glad and happy to see the allied kills the enemy. Which group of these people are normal?
The conflict between two religious groups is exactly same as the warfare. It is geometrically congruent. We have this stiff psychology; we allied must kill our enemy. We have had long time a general rule, that we who talk our same language can communicate each other therefore we are friends and we are related.
Ten thousand years ago, we changed our way of life from the hunting and picking to the cultivating, the agricultural revolution. We settled us in the farming field. For long time we could not leave the land, we were forbidden to leave the land, were isolated which meant to establish own local language in a firm community. However, we could not totally fortify us. We had to supply us inevitable material such as salt and sharp stones. The trade system developed. The trading people found nice profit through connecting isolated communities. We developed the constant traffic, the race mixture, the interminglement, and the multi lingual communities.
The historically known great cities had always many foreign beautiful girls and handsome young men, artists and philosophers gathered from all over the world.
When the people began to talk loud about the pure race, and to discuss patriotism with speaking “allied or enemy”, the nation died and varnished.