Short short with English summary

今年も8月、夏休みの季節です。 日本では夏休みは、楽しみと、宿題の重荷・・小学生から始まる人生修行ですね。 私の父親の頃から、義務教育・6年制尋常小学校という事になったらしいので、この夏休み・人生修行のシステムは、100年間以上続いているわけです。 欧米諸国でも、夏休みは2ヶ月前後と長いのですが、宿題は無いのが普通です。 日本では、4月に始まった新学期が4ヶ月過ぎて、勉強に油の乗ったところなので、宿題・宿題・・ということになってしまうのかも。 欧米諸国では、9月新学期なので、学年の区切り、転校・転任・クラス組み換え等、継続性が途切れる期間なので宿題が無いのかも知れませんね。
夏休み自由研究のテーマは、昆虫採集・飼育が定番です。 中国では、大昔しから虫を飼い、その鳴音を聴くことは、大人・老人の趣味として、盛んに行われてきました。 日本では、もっぱら、小学生が熱中して、大人はほとんど皆無。 欧米諸国では、大人も子供も無関心。
エネルギー源の問題、その分配、使われ方については、沢山の人々が、知恵を競っています。 自然界では、地球規模の気の遠くなるような距離を回遊している鳥・魚・鯨が普通のことです。 ろくに物を食べているようには見えない、筋肉も脂肪もない蝶々にも、大洋を越えて行く種類があります。 昆虫が体重に対して遥かに重い物を運べ、身長の何倍もの高さを跳べることを、当然と見過ごしてはいけないと思います。 ランプ・ガス灯・白熱電球・蛍光灯・LED・有機EL・・・何となく、昆虫の世界に、我々も近づきつつあるようです。
Learning from the nature
August is here. The long vacation season. The summer vacation is both jolly and bitter for Japanese school children. They have to clear a lot of home works. The first hard training in their life, enjoying the life in nature remembering the volumes of home works waiting for them on their desk at home. My father was one of the first generation children went to the Japanese obligatory 6 years ground education system. The summer vacation with the inevitable home works has been in Japan for more than 100 years. In Europe and US, the summer vacation is also very long, a couple of months. But there are no home works. The Japanese school term begins on the first of April. Therefore the summer vacation starts just after 4 months of the school life. The vacation comes in the midst of study life driving at the top gear. So, home works and home works. In Europe and US, the school term starts in September. So their school summer vacation is after the term and before the new term. Changing school, new teacher and new class, the less continuity in the school life, no home works. How lucky these children are.
One heavy and important component in the Japanese children’s summer home works is “A case study report”. The theme is left open and free to the children. The common and popular theme has been the insect collecting or raising. And Japanese boys really love the insect collecting or raising. In China, among elderly men, it has been an old tradition to enjoy listening to insects’ singings. In Europe and US, nobody shows interest in such a hobby.
After the big catastrophe in the 11th March, we try to save the consumption of electricity, reconsider the electricity supply relying on the atomic power stations, revalue the capacity of the nature.
We know that fish, birds and whales can travel global distance. Some butterflies can also travel over the ocean. They eat so little. They are not at all muscular or fat. Insects can jump very high and can lift very heavy things. It is natural but miraculous.
Oil lamp, gas light, El-bulb, fluorescent light, LED and Electro luminescence: somehow we are getting closer to the world of the insects.