WATANABE,  Mitsuru Date of birth 1935-04-01 CHINESE
2-3-2  302, Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
phone 3-3222-6246
e-mail watanabe.mitsuru@pep.ne.jp
URL http://www.mitsuru-watanabe.com
Nordic Institute of Social Planning       NORDPLAN 1972
(administrated by the governments of Sweden,Denmark,Norway,Finland and Iceland)
Waseda University   School of Architecture BE 1958
Musashi High School, Tokyo    1954
Professional Career
Kokushikan University   Visiting lecturer  (Planning theory) 1992-2006
Watanabe Mitsuru Architect Office, Tokyo 1985--
Watanabe Mitsuru Architect Office, Stockholm Sweden 1973-1985
Hoejer och Ljungqvist Architect Office, Stockholm Sweden 1967-1972
Uhlin och Malm Architect Office, Stockholm Sweden 1966-1966
Ralph Erskine Architect Office, Drottningholm Sweden 1963-1965
Prof. M. Take Architect Office, Waseda Univ., Tokyo 1958-1963
Major Works
Head offices for private enterprises
Factories for private enterprises
A seminar house for a leading enterprise
The town hall for City of Nagasaki     1.800seats
Nagasaki Aquarium, site plan, block plan  
The central square of a city in nothern Sweden
A department store in nothern Sweden
Villas and residential facilities
city plannings
Master plan for Jin Xian area development, city of Dalian, China  (population: 200,000)     
City plan for the central area of Jin Xian new town.
Revised Master Plan for Greater Mutrah, Oman
Regional plan for the Muscat-Sib Area, Mutrah, Oman
City plan for North Botkyrka Area, Stockholm  (population: 60,000)
Master plan proposal for Jaerva Field, Sollentuna, Sweden  (population: 50,000)
Culture reservation plan for Moeja island, Stockholm, Sweden
A case study: The integrated regional centre in NW Greater Stockhlm, Hansta, Sweden
Town plan for 10.000 inhabitants Japan 1957 1st prize
A saving bank and it's front square in Denmark Denmark 1963 Purchase
A museum in southern Sweden Sweden 1966 1st prize
Master plan for the western suburb of Stockholm Sweden 1966 Purchase
Town plan for low rise residential area Sweden 1967 1st prize realized
A community centre in Uppsala Sweden 1967 3rd prize
A secondary school Sweden 1969 1st prize realized
A main square for a city in nothern Sweden Sweden 1972 1st prize realized
A square in front of a life insurance company Sweden 1974 3rd prize
List of publications
Housing and town planning in Sweden The Japan Housing Assoc. 1971
Infra structure of swedish urban development The Japan Arch. Eqpment Assoc. 1972
Standardization and systematization in housing The Japan Housing Eqpm. Systm. Assoc. 1976
Town planning and site planning in Sweden The Japan Housing Corporation 1977
Scandinavian architecture and Ralph Erskine Kajima shuppan 1980
Swedish building codes and housing standard  The Japan Land and Housing research Centre 1981
Swedish building codes around housing Yuhikaku "JURIST" 1981
Housing in Sweden NHK NHK BOOKS 1982
Concerning urban environment in the snowy regions The Japan systm devlpmnt inst..
Good housings in the snowy areas The Tokachi Mainichi
The way of living and housing in USA and Scandinavia The Asahi  
Architect   1st class   reg, no. 32517
Architect  SAR/MSA The Swedish Architects Association
Member of swedish planners association
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