The iris festival   Over 200 varieties  菖蒲まつり (堀切菖蒲園)

Over 200 varieties of irises   200種以上
Many visitors  1     多数の写真家
Many visitors  2
Many visitors  3
Many visitors  4
Variety   1
Variety   2
Variety   3
Variety   4
Variety   5
Variety   6
Have a rest  一休み
A stall driven by girls   1   子供の屋台
A stall driven by girls   2
An amateur artist     Who am I  ?   学生似顔絵屋    誰でしょう?
A local dance team   1    踊りグループ
A local dance team   2
The happy lucky gods    七福神
Hydrangea      紫陽花