SHORT SHORT  with English summary   DECEMBER 2004  Pearl Harbor  真珠湾

1941 12 08  -  2004 03 08
1944 10 03
2004 09 12

1941年12月8日の、ハワイ真珠湾・米国海軍基地攻撃を節目とした、第二次世界大戦が終ったのは、1945年8月15日でした。 それ以来、それまでの植民地支配時代のペイオフから始まり、いまだに性懲りもなく、支配権・石油利権、他国内資源獲得・確保が目的の、独立国家と全くなじまない、解決方法・戦争・紛争が続いています。 
単純な動機、わかりきった終局。 何故気が付かないのでしょう。「スマート・クレバー・ダブルスタンダード」の首謀者達は、もちろん気が付いています。
見え見えの明日。 石油は、間もなく枯渇します。
戦争ビジネス・武器産業は、化石燃料資源が底をついたら、別の火種を創らねばならなりません。 政治力と暴力・武力とは、同一と考えて正しく、国内政治でも国際政治でも意見不一致を暴力で解決してきた例は、先進国・後進国を問わず、無数にあります。暗殺された近代国家元首・首相の数と国名を思い出してみてください。経済力と武力とは、ますます同一となるでしょう。 007の世界は、現実です!

Pearl Harbor
Since 1945, we have had continuously wars. The pay off for the colonialism was perhaps inevitable. But our world has obviously not grown wiser by experiences. Some nations still want to rule over the resources such as oil concessions or diamond mines. To ensure a steady supply of oil, taking no consideration for the other nations' independence, the war is a wonder drug. World history and experiences tell us this is the prescription, so many precedents we have.
To open a war you have to prepare a lot. The side with more strength, more arms takes initiative convinced to be the winner. The world history shows sometimes they would win sometimes loose. In the long run the one who started war always lost the war. In our modern ages they have been 100% looser, even in the short perspective. You can call it a theorem or a well-established standard pattern.
If a war is motivated by such simple reason and with so clear finis, why aren't those masterminds aware of the idiocies? Naturally they know it. They are smart, clever and double standard. They won't change their sweet way of  life. They can't accept the reality of our world.
They have to create new motives since the fossil fuels shall dry out soon or later. Political power implies force and violence. Both in domestic and international disagreements, we have had so many cases where the violence was the final solution. You can count names of presidents, prime ministers or party leaders who were assassinated. Economic power takes so often form of force.    007 is no fiction!

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