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OH MY GOD ! !! !!!

幼児の一時期に、ウンコ・オシッコの話が大好きになる期間があります。大人に成ってもこれが抜けない人たちは、これをスカトロジーなどともっともらしくよびます。実は、私もその一人で、特に外国のご夫人方を前にすると、ついつい話題をそちらに展開させます。すると、その反応は、「OH MY GOD」。私は、すかさず、「Did you call me?」とつづけます。これで、ほとんどの場合大爆笑となり、私は目的を果たしたことになります。



私は、こういう質朴・単純・陳腐な質問が大変本質的で重要だと信じています。幸せ・豊かさ・自己中心・死 毎日向き合っている概念に質問してみましょう。
OH MY GOD.   Did you call me ?.



In your childhood you loved to prattle poop and pee pee. Some people still keep this love through their life and seriously call it scatology. I must confess I am one of them. I especially love to develop a conversation toward this direction at a dinner table with foreign ladies. When I hear “Oh My God.” my response is  “Did you call me?”
We have been with the religion for thousands of years. We have innumerable numbers of religions where the god and the next world are indispensable otherwise those beliefs are called as philosophies or moral codes. Nowadays people are clever and smart. A few talks about ones religion and tenets. But when I straightly question about the existence of god and the existence of the next world, surprisingly many believe the existence of god. I continue to question: “The nationality of the god?” They laugh at me or despise me. Some honest and serious people give me a standard answer: “The abstract concept takes a human figure.” The next world seems to be a more difficult subject for some reasonable explanation unless the cycle of reincarnation is not in their doctrines. And the cycle of reincarnation usually ends at sweet humorous topics.
I believe these simpleminded rather stupid questions are very important.Happiness.
Wealth. Ego. Death. Let us question about them.

“Oh my god!”  “Did you call me?”

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