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SHORT SHORT with English summary March 2006
Streamline    流線型


When I am at an airport, watching airplanes to kill my waiting time, I realize those airplanes are so similar. Only the young enthusiasts could see the differences of the planes and tell the name and type of each of them. Perhaps such big machines cutting through air and lift themselves with very high speed have to have rather same shape. Fishes have their own beautiful figures according to their life style and habitat. Tuna, flounder, stonefish, all of them have beautiful and functional streamlined forms after their own definitions. Penguins and seals, they are so clumsy on the land but so dynamic when they are in the water. The environment demands the functional form and motion.
We use such words as: "trend", "stream", "vogue" and "wave" as to describe our social environment.  We let ourselves floating with the stream. We swim with the least reluctance manner. We learn quickly the smartest way to maneuver in each situation. In the nature, the species, which took the wrong style of living have to disappear, die out. In our society, very much same consequence shall be expected. The government agencies, the local authorities, the corporations and the institutions, we have many large organizations. They are different in the social or industrial function but are very similar as to the large scale, firm, exclusive and strictly administered organization. In such environment, one must swim around with smart and clever manner. Otherwise his/her tomorrow shall be hopeless. So the daily trainings and exercises of the swimming are inevitable. It isn't so unusual to spend most of his/her working hours for these trainings.
When I look at the big and important persons in TV, I can hardly distinguish their messages and appearances. Can it be so that all of them are really good swimmers? Perhaps their performances on TV themselves are a part of their swimming trainings.   Aren't they?
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