SHORT SHORT with English summary   March  2005   Avalanche   雪崩れ


自覚の薄い社会では、スマート・クレバーな煽動者が、いかに容易に雪崩れ現象を起こせるかということです。 繰り返し継続的に行われる煽動を、政治では、思想学習とよび、宗教では、宣教とよびます。煽動が続く限りこの雪崩れ現象は逆方向にはなかなか向かいません。真似をする方が真似を止める方よりも遥かに心地良く、やさしいのです。しかし、ひとたび逆方向に雪崩れると、一気に終結することも繰り返し体験しています。

In a downtown Shibuya in Tokyo you meet our next generation teens. You meet groups of very expressive girls. Each girl tries her best to be strong and characteristic. They all look quite alike, identically same. We develop ourselves through a process: To imitate (follow and exercise), to copy (try to be an imitation) and to find better example. We all follow this route. Our instinct leads us to imitate. You can't get rid of this deeply buried instinct . But for next step to the better example you must realize you are just an epigone. Your instinct does not tell you this self-awareness. A definition of the intelligence could be to maintain this self-awareness.
I made a graphic model of a human cluster, a hypothetical figure of meeting people. It is a honeycomb pattern or a coin is tangent to 6 coins. Let's say you go to down town and meet people. 6 of them are very much impressed and influenced by you. Next time when you and 6 others go to town and these 7 persons impress 6 persons each. After 10 times of the processes, the number of the people having same opinion or same costume or same handbag what so ever shall be 240million. 240million is a double of Japanese population or as much as US population.
A smart agitator can do a lot in a society lacking clear open mind and references of good quality. Especially when the agitation goes on repeatedly. In the politic world this agitation is called "Study", in the religious world called "Mission" and in the common world called "Propaganda or P.R.". So long the agitation continues the avalanche hardly stops. You feel much easier and more comfortable to float with the stream than to stand against it. But once the stream turns it's direction, the avalanche stops abruptly. We have many good examples you know.
Essentially the mass media is a commercial hounding industry. Hounding I mean to agitate and to chase.
Idiotic killings called "Holy war" driven by the money and power greed.
Flood of goods send by monkey dance commercial industry.
Are you sure you are awake?

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