Short short with English summary                         


Cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms have come early this year. At the end of March, we are already in the end of blossoms in Tokyo. The cherry blossoms are beautiful. Every body in the world says so. Actually, all the flowers are beautiful. Plants cannot move, therefore they have developed their flowers to be so beautiful. For us, the young small animals are so sweet that we love them. However, in the nature, young animals are sweet so that the predator would not catch them. To appreciate the beauty of the flowers and to love the sweetness of the small animals are naturally very simple one-sided emotion of us. The plants and the animals have developed their figures to fit and survive in the nature.
Nowadays, we see often kittens and puppies in the TV screen. The Corona makes our psychology and economy depressed. I feel rather unpleasant to see through TV’s plot trying to pacify us by kittens and puppies. Talking about the small animals, the beings closest to us are our children. In old days, there were many dramas and novels with children giving romantic and emotional taste but not so many today. There is some delicate character when we talk about how sweet the children are. The small ones who are unconditionally sweet are up to 3 years old. When they have become the kindergarten age or school age, they are not sweet objects anymore. Perhaps, such concept, the manner of the emotional judgement, could be a prove that I am getting old.
The flowers are beautiful. The small animals are sweet. The delicate ties with the children. As a member of beings in the nature, we are complicated and irrational.