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To break the status quo
President Trump has a strong character. Mr. Putin and Mr. Xi are also quite strong but Mr. Trump is one rank top over them. Why is he? How does come his behaviour? You can expect many bestsellers writing about his personal history. However, to enjoy interesting biographies does not mean the books help to understand the status quo of the world or to get the vision of our tomorrow. I think that there are tens of millions Americans who voted for Mr. Trump. Matter of fact, there are tens of millions Mr. Trump in USA. One of them, not the extreme one, just by chance is Mr. President.
Because of gaudy actions of the president, the gap between the rich and the poor, the racial discrimination and the shortage of medical and educational systems came out very visible. Of no use to say, all the nations have these fundamental problems. On top of them, we are in the mist of COVID-19. National borders, political systems and wealth have no meaning for the pandemic.
What can we learn from the examples of USA? We must brave to break the status quo. In AD 2021, can we take a brave action?