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こういう非常時は、社会の実情を公開してくれる。 *情報の透明性、即時性は、該当社会の民主性を示すシンプトム、バロメーターである。 *医療崩壊は社会格差の実情を顕わし明らかにする。死亡者数が非情に語る。 *集団発生、いわゆるクラスターは生活内容を露出する。 *政治家の資質も明らかになり、選挙民についても同様だ。 *日頃は一方方向の各種情報システムの、機能・性能・伝播力、フェイク・デマの汚染力、マスヒステリア扇動力というものが数値化されやすくなる。

The rainy season in Tokyo is uncomfortable. June, July in Scandinavia are nice. In January, I was planning my summer vacation in Stockholm. However, after few weeks I had to give up them. Today, our world is fully occupied to take care of many heavy serious problems by the infection disease caused by the new type corona virus.
The disease is very infectious and the manners to prevent and to cure are unknown yet. The simple and only way to prevent it is to avoid physical contacts between people. The practical manners are, to restrict to go out, to isolate the area i.e. “lockdown”, leading to limit economical activities to reduce the consumption, finally to the recession. How to avoid recession and how to avoid virus infection contradict each other. We must balance them. We walk on a rope. The virus does not recognize national boarder lines. However, consequences are quite different in each nation. The medical systems collapse differently giving very different rate of deaths. We should reconsider the meaning and the purpose of national borders. The local industry and the global structure of economy are also a problem of borders.
The crisis as COVID19 exposes realities of our society.
*How clear and how quick the information reaches to people indicate how democratic the nation is. *How a medical system of a nation collapses shows the nature of the segregation. The number of the deaths rate tells the reality of segregation. *The cases of the clusters unveil people’s real lives. *The quality of politicians comes out. The voters’ also. *We can digitize the power of the medias such as, function, efficiency, danger of fake news and power of agitation.
The principle of the anti-corona action is the same in the world. However, each nation’s acts and efficiency are different with various results. Between two neighbor nations, the rate of infected people and the rate of deaths are obviously different. Can be tens of times more. The existing learnings, sciences such as economics, geopolitics and cultural anthropology do not give reasonable answer. We need a new viewpoint, new corona literacy and new corona ethics. We should make effort to look carefully at the today’s situation and expect future researches.