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Intention - Action - Consequence - Influence
When one has an intention, he acts expecting its influence. It is a sort of a chain phenomenon from a personal will to the society, i.e. intention - action - consequence - influence. The manners, to expect and to select, link the chain together. There is a distance of time and space from the moment to intend, and to the result of the action, the influence. This distance makes the relation between the intention and influence weak and diffuse. An intention and its action are strongly connected but the intention and its influence are not. Since there are so many forecasts and choices.
For us, we are interested in the consequence and the influence. When the society realize some happening then we take the counteractions against it. A common development of a case is that the offender explains how his intention was; choice of his action was and so on. In reality, the consequence and its influence are based on his immature estimation in the unknown world. Therefore, his explanation has no value for us.
A personal will happens in his mind. We, external world, cannot see how the development had come. His will is his personal dignity. However, in reality, those environmental factors such as, fine / rainy weather, hunger / content, calm / noise, comfortable / uncomfortable way of life, are the cause of the will. Actually, we all are equally in the same environment. Therefore our wills turn out often same. Therefore, today’s SNS / smartphone communication has become a pandemic. The modern history of the world is the history of the mass hysterias. The environmental dissatisfaction caused the mass hysterias. Unevenness / gap of wealth, hunger / satiation, the flourishing war-industry and innumerous deaths, destructions. We must observe the environment where we live. We must fight against those disagreeable phenomena.