Short short with English summary                         

世間には二種類の試験がある。一つは、エントランス・入試・入社試験であり、もう一つは、到達度・努力度・卒業資格試験だ。たとえ同じ内容の試験でも、タイトルは目的を明らかにし、選別採点方法を示す。 欧米では、何と言っても高校卒業試験が社会の関心事であり、国中街中で、お祝い・お祭りをする。しかし日本では、幼稚園入園試験から、小・中・高・大学・入社・上級資格者と、一生・延々とエントランス試験が繰り返される。 日本の親達は自らの体験から、順調に試験を通過する子供を一心に育てる。子供達は受験通過専門家となり、一生を不毛な受験の繰り返しで終わる疑似知的エリートとなる。

Nobody likes the examination.
There are two kinds of examinations. One is an entrance examination, to enter school and to get job. Another one is to test a candidate’s knowledge and skill, qualification from an educational institute. The qualification test from the high school, gymnasium, is the most important examination in Europe. Families, neighbors, all the people celebrate the qualification. However, in Japan, the entrance examinations are important. To kinder garden, to primary school, and so on, the examinations continue to entrance examination to university and to get a job. Even in a company, there are qualifying examinations to get higher position. An eternal chain of examinations. Japanese parents try to build up their children to be smart for passing through tests. The children become examination specialists. They spend all of their life passing sterile tests. They will become suede intellectual elites.
A society consists of the members with a same monotonous idea is a glasshouse for the structural disease. The society reproduce people who are experts to survive in the big organizations. The reproduction continues. The spiral goes down after generations. A prime minister lacking the moral, the blindly supporting bureaucrat, the Diet with politicians with only own greed, the incompetent mass media, the malicious chain continues to the grotesque crimes.
If the examination is indispensable for a free competition society, we should have an examination system to assist, to advice, finding alternative way of life, different visions of happiness.