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Concentration and modern society
In old days, Japanese men, women and children worked hard deeply concentrated on their daily tasks. It is the result, the heritage, that our housewares are nice, beautiful and useful. Today, we spend discontent, uneasy days with scarce enthusiasm. We have many tasks such as job, the commuting to the job playing with smartphone that takes a tenth of a day, and naturally home and family affairs.
Man and woman are equal. Today we live in a society where the equality means mechanically halved obligation and responsibility between woman and man. We consider it right and the cause that the man who do not get pregnant, deliver nor milking takes care of the baby. Even then, in reality, fathers take bus and subway for two hours to their offices and mothers cycle around taking their children to the kindergarten and then work at super market.
The rich people or the poor people, both of them have 24 hours a day. In our urban life, we run around and we are stressed. We are uneasy and unpleasant. We just swim in the sea of information system. People gather from countryside to the big city, and the countryside gets little population. Perhaps it is high time to reconsider what is a good happy day. A good happy life is the sum of good happy days.