Short short with English summary                         


In the animal world, there are carnivores as lions and tigers, herbivores as elephants and giraffes, and omnivorous animals as we human beings. This way to group the animals is not quite scientific. Even to draw an exact line between the animal and the plant seems to be difficult. However, kinder garden children can see and understand the grouping, lion and tiger vs elephant and giraffe vs human beings.
The herbivorous animals eat leaves, buds and berries. Therefore, they must have occasions to taste a sort of fruit wine. Apes and monkeys love wine. Elephants and giraffes might be wine lovers. We human beings eat vegetables and meats. Some of us are vegetarians or vegans who reject to take meat and fish, even egg and cheese. Many of them are somehow female. When I consider our world situation of hunger, they are just luxurious and choosy. In the South American continent, there are people, from newborn babies to the aged who eat only beef meat.
Apart from these dietary groupings, we can group us to the wine lovers and the abstainers. At a dinner table, an abstainer’s rejection sounds always a bit formal. In modern history, “Prohibition in US”made a chaotic, criminal and rotten period of USA, the time of Al Capone. The pro-prohibition pressure groups mainly consisted of churches’ people. Today, the alcohol prohibition nations are Muslim countries. The western nations having armed conflictions with Islamic nations are the Christian church based ones. The quarrels might be among the people who cannot admit the wine drinking as the natural culture in the human history.