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ラグビー・ワールドカップで日本中が大騒ぎであった。 11月2日が決勝で、まだ終わったわけではないが、所詮付け焼刃の日本では、街ではほぼ忘れられた。 実際の所、ワールドカップ・世界大会には、もっともっと大物がある。例えば、サッカー・FIFA WORLD CUPである。これらの大会は4年に一度だ。 歴史が古く、一年中世界のどこかで世界大会が催されているテニスなどは、年間の観客動員数で言えば、最大のスポーツかも知れない。

World Cup
Rugby World Cup made Japanese people crazy about the game. The final match is on the 2nd November still a week left. However, since the Japanese team lost at the quarterfinals, most of the Japanese have lost their rugby interest. Actually, there are some bigger sports games such as football (FIFA World Cup). These world events are held every fourth year. Tennis world cups are held every year, everywhere and in all the seasons. If we consider the amount of total number of spectators per year, tennis could be the biggest sports.
We have Tokyo Olympic Game next year, 2020. The Olympic Game covers nearly all the sports. There are games fighting for the winner. There are competitions and races for records and ranks. Rugby is “sevens” not “fifteens”. There are summer Olympics and winter Olympic to cover both of the season sports. Even more that host country frame let some spots branches play which are not so common in the world. Conversely, cricket and American football are not with the Olympic Games. Now all the Japanese are fanatic and crazy about the Tokyo Olympic.
It would cost a lot to hold world cups. However, we can enjoy so many world cups through the year around. Probably, world cups are good business. Therefore, the media pay big money, at the same time they want the world cups do after their will. After all, we are the ones to spend money earned from hard daily works. We dance after the pipe of greedy commercial industries. Their greediness hidden under the mask so called economic stimulation or the demand of free capital market. Shall we be happy as the sports enthusiasts than living in the war and terrorism?