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だが、日本は男女分権なら先進国なのです。宝塚少女歌劇には熱狂的ファンがいます。歌劇と言ってもオペラではなくレビュー・ショウですが、圧倒的に女性ファンが多いですね。 少女歌劇は、1914年からですから100年を超える歴史があります。西の宝塚、東の松竹と日本を二分していた時代も長くありました。新幹線も高速バスもテレビも無い頃でも、祖母・曾祖母たちには、熱狂的ファンがいたということです。もっとも伝統芸能の歌舞伎でも、着飾り、通い詰めるのは、昔から女性ファンです。男女同権を当然とする欧米諸国にはこういう現象はありません。

Gender equality
To achieve gender equality has been one of the large and important chapters in our modern history. For achieving the gender equality, there is a step i.e. the female become independent from the man society. As to the gender equality, the western countries are in a progressed group, the Asian and African countries are developing countries and Japan is a country between those two groups.
However, Japan is a progressed country where the female is free and independent from the male society. In Japan, we have had a girls’ revue “Takarazuka”. There have been many fanatic crazy Takarazuka fans. Often they have their own fan club. The most of them are girls and women covering all the generations. This revue started 1914. We have had the girls’ revue theatre for longer than 100 years. For many years, there were two theatres, one in Kobe and one in Tokyo. Those days without Shinkansen, without TV, our grandmothers and great grandmothers were crazy fans of the girls’ revue. Actually, most of the fans of Japanese traditional “Kabuki” have also been girls and women. This sort of phenomena, entertainments only for the female exist neither in the western culture nor in Asia or Africa.
Even in Italy, a country rather delicate in question of the gender equality, the entertainment only for the female do not exist. When we watch Japanese daily life, we find long vivid chat of women in the shops and stores, in PTA meetings and after-PTA coffee and cake time, and so on. I would say those are proofs of Japanese female independence. The independence between a couple, parent and child and boss vs worker might be more important than hazy superficial gender equality. How about to establish a big scale show of the girls’ revue in Asia and African countries. It might stimulate their old stiff pattern of culture. This cultural shock might generate crazy fan clubs of male and/or female, as a first step to draw clear profile of social groups that is the basis of the gender equality.