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Love and Ownership
The ownership is a basis of our society. At home, with estate, in company or at any sort of place, there are full of the owners and the owned matters. Many laws are to define and to protect our ownerships of the things. Our human relations are also a form of the ownership. However, human relationship is not as simple as the relations between the owners and the owned things is. There are several characteristic points in our relationships. There are delicate grades. Moreover, the relationships change after the continuous lapse of time, they are not constant and fixed. If you study and watch them carefully, we could deepen our understanding of our life and society.
The relationship between parents and children, especially between mothers and their children are good example of the altering relationships following the lapse of time. Pregnancy, delivery and breeding are under the strict and firm rule in the world of animals for hundred millions of years. A mother instinctively has the natural reason to believe that she owns her child. However, her child has no feeling nor understanding of being owned by its mother. As for many of animals, the moment when a mother leaves her child / children, the relationship between them turns out to be the relations between predators and baits. We say it is not easy to let our children be independent. This feeling is natural.
Here we develop our thought. We leave studies of the relationship between mothers and children. Imagine you play a love story and you are the main cast. Then you understand easily and clearly that a relationship changes after the passing time. The relationship changes, develops, returns again, then you realize that a story has become a history. The sense of ownership is egocentric therefore when we change the roles of your story and cast the object figure as the main figure, and then you see a very new perspective. Now you can see your “real love story”.