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A new era!?
We consider Japan a modern country. However, concerning to the calendar system, still people commonly use the era name instead of AD. This era refers directly to the reigning emperor: AD 2019 is Heisei 31. This 30th of April the emperor will resign. A new era begins from the 1st of May. The name of the new era is not known yet. The government will announce it on the 1st of April. Then many Japanese companies would be very busy to rewrite, reprint all of their forms and to renew data programs. There are some smart companies have altered their calendar systems to AD. They are not with this era change drama. However, most of Japanese official forms and papers use the era calendar. They must renew their enormous papers.
Japan often suffers heavy natural catastrophe. In old days, we replaced the name of the era to a new lucky name after the severe catastrophe. Today, the era name is bound to the reigning emperor. If we would change the name of era after each natural catastrophe, it would have caused the chaos. The Demise of “Taisho era” to “Showa era” was the 26th Dec. 1926; the first of Showa had only few days. AD 1927 was Showa 2. It was a real confusion for most of Japanese who had sent their new year’s cards. The demise from Showa to Heisei took place on the 7th January. There were rumours that the demise of Emperor Showa was kept silent for some days to avoid a chaos. I.e. the Japanese government learned from the Taisho Showa demise.
In Japan, actually no law forbids using only AD system. We may write or print AD years without the era name. However, in our daily life, in Japanese society, we use “Heisei”, we feel communicate better. For Japanese officials, the era name is inevitable. We must scribe the era counting. However, it has no meaning to say the Heisei era had many natural catastrophes, no science in it. The history of Japan and the emperor’s reign period are divisible. They are two independent matters. There are more important things than the new era and its name. We have to look at the world, at Japan and at our life. We have to try to alter our viewpoint for a new angle and distance to get real picture of the today’s world.