Short short with English summary                         

アメリカには、良いところがある。自由・民主主義・アメリカンドリーム。 ロシアンドリーム・チャイニーズドリーム・・・考えられますか? しかし、鼻持ちならない嫌なところもある。趣味嗜好は勝手でしょ・・・とは言え、悪趣味であり、ぶしつけである。

丈夫で柔らかなジーンズをわざわざ工場で、機械で擦切ってから売りに出す、何とも馬鹿馬鹿しい上に醜いズボンも、全く同様の不快な文化である。 世界中、まともな飲み水もない超貧困な諸国でもお目に掛かる清涼飲料水広告も、古典的な話だ。普通の、衛生的な飲み水を、半額で売ったらそれが本当の世界的大企業でしょう。


As a nation, USA has many good aspects: Freedom, democracy, American dream. Can you imagine “Russian dream” or “Chinese dream”? However, USA also has some aspects, which are detestable, often impolite.

In Europe, last days of October are the end of the autumn. It can be dark or very dark in the evening. The sunset, the twilight, flickering bare candlelight, people visiting their family tombs: these are scenes of All Saints’ Day, the origin of Halloween. Once this Halloween transplanted and rooted in USA, it has become a noisy, hilarious evening festival. The Japanese businessmen fetched the occasion as a big chance to earn money. Young naive Japanese, agitated by the mass media, occupy the streets making just sterile chaos.

Jeans are nice, strong and soft. Only because the market asks the worn look, as to sell more, there are jeans treated at factory to abrade through sandblasting. To sell new material after giving damaged. It is unpleasant and disagreeable. A classic story: we meet advertisements of soft drink bottles everywhere in the world, even in the poorest part of the world without sufficient food and water. If they would sell healthy good water bottles at a half price of their soft drink bottles, then the companies might really be good world scale companies.

It sounds beautiful to be under the flag of the capitalism. However, to seize the hegemony of the world economy, USA does anything to keep and expand their oil resources, try to open a war motivated by a fake evidence. To keep military over power, USA owns a tremendous amount of nuclear weapons and at a same time forces minor nations no to have them. This is the American style. A gentleman in a high quality suit speeches surrounded by many beautiful young ladies, but they all are totally ignorant about the shower-toilet. This is also an American style.