Short short with English summary                         


The henchmen work after their boss. They do immediately, exactly and hard, surmising the intention of their boss. Otherwise, a henchman must expect to be fired, sometimes verbally to be fired. Unfortunately, and as the matter of the nature, those henchmen’s opportunistic, narrow and short sight knowledge are the most reliable information resource for the boss. There are a few big bosses in the world. It is natural and logical that those bosses have very similar level of intelligence and of spiritual ripeness. Their sayings and doings are terribly alike.
When a flock begins to move, if you observe carefully, a few of them starts slowly and gradually its group follows, then they all together move to a same direction. Scarcely unorganized, panicked confusion happens. Birds, monkeys, sheep, cows and horses, they look around and sense a new atmosphere and take a new direction.
Either under a democratic system or a despotic ruler, the populism, i.e. looking around and sensing a new wave, supports its government. The populism for the politicians consists of the information supplied by their henchmen. A fatal spiral. Today we find us as if looking into a sample room of extreme henchmen politics. Almost all of the leaders we have are driving firm and well-established henchmen’s system.
What are our information resources then? They are mass media. There are many and different types. However, in reality, information they supply us is similar being adjusted and edited after the intentions of the government. The government looking for the populism’s supportive information. This information is practically from the advertising industry searching and speculating the consumer’s tendency. I.e. our consumption steer the tendency of the populism, which leads our world policy.
Nuclear weapons, nuclear generators, ethnic cleansing and terrorism, our world is marching along a simple and clear system prepared by the populism. Today tomorrow next year next ten years, we will live in a same world just as today. Unless we would not alter our way of life.