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Money first
Money is a promise letter without written words, i.e. an obligation paper or a contract letter without written words. Anyone, who can see numbers and can understand large sum or small sum, can use money. Money can go over the national boarders, can act in any culture. We human beings immediately found this fantastic character of money as the simple, universal and almighty tool. We put the price tugs on all the goods and phenomena. “A million dollars’ legs.” “A million dollars’ night landscape.” People felt those expressions fresh and modern. Even our lives and loves received price tugs. The amount of cash you have means the quality and the grade of your happiness.
The capitalism is a manner to construct our society giving the highest priority in the economy / the convertibility into money. We live in a society of the capitalism.
Our life is full of delights. We feel the nature great and beautiful. We enjoy living in the nature. We love human relations and feel nice to sympathize each other. To accomplish a perfect work satisfies us very much. However, as soon as we convert those delights into money value, the delights lose human warmth. The delights turn to dry facts, price tugged.
Eenvironmental destruction, global warming, killing own parent and killing own child; those are consequences from the money first philosophy. We get anxious without warm natural human relations. We relieve us when a person gets a position as an inorganic part of social structure. A very common scene on Japanese TV news that three tops of a company make deep bows is a performance by money first company for money first audience.