Short short with English summary                         

セクハラは、パワハラの一分野だ。パワハラは、深刻であり、迷惑・不公平・不正であり、全力で撲滅しなければならない。 最大・最悪・巨悪のパワハラ行為・実行者は、国家である。国内最強のパワーだ。世界中、国家によるパワハラは、必ず暴力をともない、法律の名で許されている。

The harassments
A sexual harassment is phenomenon between genders, close to us and easy to understand. Power harassments are deeply rooted in our social structure. Therefore, they indirectly but firmly dominate us. The power harassments started with the agricultural civilization 10,000 years ago and sill sitting on us. The sexual harassments appeared 2,000 years ago. Time to time, the genders’ roles between the powered and the victim have exchanged their positions.
We may consider the sexual harassment as a part of the power harassment. The power harassment is a serious problem. It is annoying, wrong and unfair. We must exterminate it. The strongest, biggest and worst exercisers of the power harassment are the nations. All over the world, each nation exercises its power harassment with the violence. The nation permits this violence by its own law.
The war is an instrument to resolve problems, conflicts between nations. There is no national leader, a head of government, who doubt this way of solution. The war is a game played by the young people spending their own lives. There is a line, called a boarder. There are grouped young people standing face to face, shooting each other. When a shot hits a person, they yell and congratulate. The nations send their youth to the front line and force them to kill people in the other side of the line. To kill young, old, children and women. There are heads of the nations, leaders or presidents, who arbitrarily start and drive this enormous national project called the war. A man-eater tiger must be shot. A dog bites walking citizen is caught to be disposed. We have those national leaders playing with war-games. What can we do with them?