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オリンピック・ワールドサッカーのような、麻薬的・大衆操縦・マスヒステリア行動の世界大会でお金を儲ける連中から、せめて、一割の上納金を取って、全世界宗教者大会を開く資金にしたらと思う。飛行機・ホテル・食事・会場・・・すべてファーストクラスにすれば、宗教指導者たちは、飛びつくだろう。マスコミの報道・インタービューを自由にさせれば、大人気番組になり、これも、金儲けの種になる。 Why Not

World Believers’ Olympic Games
Today, our world is full of the second-class politicians. Even they meet each other time to time. The leaders of the economic policy meet also, such as G 7 or G 20.  However, I have never heard the self-entitled religious leaders try to have some international congress. Actually, the most urgent meeting is theirs. The group leaders must observe the majority vs the minority. The worldwide congress is the best means for recognition.
For “Global warming”, we must have a world meeting. The major part of us thinks, worries, the climate crisis has already come but there are the minority but powerful loud groups, the money greed politicians backed up by the industry; they reject to perceive the crisis.  The ante- and the pro-nuclear, el-generating people also must have a meeting.
We have some big worldwide events such as the Olympic Games and the football world Championship. I am suspicious that the establishments are utilizing the sports to maneuver us not to see our daily problems and dissatisfaction.  Anyway, there are gangs earning tremendous amount of money through our mass hysteria. I suggest we should charge them at least 10%. With this 10%, we could hold “The World Believers’ Olympic Games”. Airplane tickets, hotel cost, dinners and the congress hall can be the first class. The mass media shall get free pass and free open interviews. It might make big money.   Why not?