Short short with English summary                         

世界中で興味を持たれ、読んでもらえるエッセイを書くのは難しい。日本人が身近で面白がる話は、話題のスケールが矮小で、知的にも道徳的にも、二流な舞台・二流な演出・二流な俳優出演が多い。地下鉄の週・月刊誌の吊るし広告は、国辱的に劣悪で悪趣味だ。とても外国人には翻訳・説明できない。 マア世界的にも、裏話し、楽屋落ち、パパラッチの横行という矮小な世界に人気がある。そして又、スポーツという、人類の闘争本能を利用した、大衆の意向・マスヒステリア行動の操作も人気がある。
枕草子、徒然草というお手本は、花鳥風月と世相詠嘆をテーマにしている。 花鳥風月の代わりが、自然災害、地球温暖化であり、世相詠嘆が、テロ、自国中心、民族浄化となるのでは、現代は人類の歴史上最も恥ずべき一時代ということだ。

Writing essays
To write an interesting essay read by the people worldwide is difficult. The topics popular among Japanese are often too domestic, dwarf. They are second-class both in intelligence and in moral. The advertisements we see in the subway cars and in the magazines are so shameless that I dare not translate them to my foreign friends.
In a way, internationally, inside stories and scandals are popular. Paparazzi are very active. There is another genre i.e. sports, which is extremely popular. So popular that I am rather suspicious that our basic instinct to fight and win is used to manoeuvre us by the establishments.
People do not read books as much as before, as if TV and smartphone is taking over the books. I try to write my essays short, a half page in A4. Still I hear they are too long. To write a good short essay is difficult however, we have had “Haiku”. Haiuku consists of only three lines: 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables in Japanese phonetics. No strict regular rule of rhymes. It is very useful when I write an essay i.e. how to make its structure; plots, association and development.
In Japanese history of the literature, we have great masterpieces of essays, “Makura no soushi” (AD 1000) and “Tsuredure gusa” (AD 1300). The themes and topics of them are the beauty of the nature and the wonder of the human relations. If the essays of today (AD 2017) describe the natural catastrophes and Global warming, and the terrorism and the ethnic cleansing as their themes: Our period, the modern ages must be the most shameful period in the human history.