Short short with English summary                         


In Japan, we have a long series of holidays from end of April to beginning of May. This chain of holidays is called the golden week (GW). Wisteria blossoms full around Tokyo in this GW-week. There is a park 100 km north of Tokyo, Ashikaga Flower Park. The park is famous as a wisteria flower park. Since I live in a central part of Tokyo, I had to change at a subway station Kitasenju to a limited express train. I bought a reserve seat at Kitasenju. In the train, I found a young girl, teen ager, in my reserved seat. The train started from Asakusa. My ticket was from Kitasenju. Some stations had passed already. I thought my seat bought just a few minutes before ought to be ail-side, not window-side in such a special sightseeing express. I confirmed my reservation and my place was the window-side.
I thought the girl was a student from a local area using the super express as her commuter. The luxurious train ran nearly non-stop towards north. The train stopped just a short distance from a large station, Tatebayashi. There is a Japanese folktale about a racoon dog: A racoon dog in a temple in Tatebayashi, Morinji temple. The story is famous and popular among Japanese children. Because I had had a fixed idea that my neighbour girl was a local student, I asked her if I could recognize the Morinji temple from the train window. Her reply was “I don’t know. I have never been here.” Through our short conversation I realized she was from Tokyo and not a teen but a woman of twenty some years old.
The train arrived at Ashikaga city. When I said I was going to see the wisteria blossoms, it turned out she was also going to see the wisteria. We had to take a shuttle bus to the park. The admission was expensive, 1,700 yen. I asked her if we would go to each own way. She replied we could go together. Therefore, we were together for a half-day’s promenade. It was a pale wisteria romance.