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81歳となった。9X9は81だ。9歳の少年の人生なら、9回繰り返したことになる。40歳を二回してしまった、とも云える。その間、進歩と称する日常生活の変化を体験したわけだ。 私の子供の頃の電話は、手回し発電機・もしもし交換手だった。電話交換手は女性にとって近代的な職業であった。自宅に電話がなくても、近所の家の電話番号を名刺に(呼)として印刷していた。それから、ダイヤル黒電話・携帯・スマフォと一気に取り替えてきた。新聞・ラジオ・テレビ・パソコン・スマフォ・・・文明の進歩とともに、情報の瞬時の伝播・氾濫が日常となり、今や、情報認識・判断・対応という、当然なプロセスをしない、出来ない、自覚もしていない人々が多数を占める世界になった。 あたかも、笛吹男の後を追う鼠の群れだ。 
彼らと、我々人類とはどこが違うのだろう。彼らは、明日の心配をしない。我々は、明日の心配をする。我々は、明日を上手に、注意深く、丁寧に心配しよう。 笛吹男の後を追う鼠の群れにはならないように。

Flock, pack, herd and SNS
I am 81 years old. 9 times 9 is 81. I have survived 9 times of a life of 9 years old boy or twice of 40 years. I have experienced many changes that we call the progress of civilization. Meanwhile, I looked, touched, and handled the up-to-date daily gears. I remember the telephone apparatus with a dynamo and a clank handle as Wild Western films. To get through the network system I had to talk into a cone shaped microphone “Hello.” Women who worked at the exchange board considered that they had a nice modern profession. The people who had not their own telephone installed printed on their visiting card a phone number of their neighbour’s.
The time elapsed. A phone with a dial, a mobile phone and a smartphone. Newspapers, radio, TV, coloured TV, PC, tablet and smartphone.
Today, the tremendous amount of information spreading instantly in our community. Many of us even do not realize they are drowning in the middle of the information flood. They do not realize that they have lost the capability to digest or to refuse them.
Why do so many of us just follow the trend as the rats after Pan Piper of Hamelin? Perhaps we feel it is so comfortable and safe to be together and do the same thing. Just as the sense of satisfaction with our appetite and sexual desire which are basic driving force for us, our psychological need to get together also strongly drives us. We are just as same as other animals. We love to be agitated. We love to agitate. We love to imitate. Perhaps solidarity and union are the words for this sort of our doings. There are flocks and herds in the nature. There are full of the perfect examples of mass behaviours.
However, we are not small fish nor sheep. We are different from other animals which do not worry the coming tomorrow. We do worry about tomorrow. We should be very careful. Act very carefully. Shall we be the rats after Pan Piper of Hamelin?