Short short with English summary                         


It smells
In many languages, there is an expression, “it smells”. Meaning there is something hidden such as a crime, a risk in profitable project and an affair.
Dogs have sense of smell one million times sharper than we have. About some specific odours, they are hundred millions times sharper than we are. I have a number of dogs whom I meet only once a year but all of them remember me. I remember them by their figures but they remember me by my smell. I.e. our communication is through two completely different ways. I am not quite good to remember persons connecting their faces with their names. Dogs are superior to me in this field. The capability of smelling and memorizing smells do not reflect to the IQ. IQ test is a test of linguistic skill.
There are topics on the candidates at the political election, about their final educations and IQ values. However, high linguistic skill tends to be smart in explanation, closer to lie, to deceive and fraud. Is it only my imagination that today the lawyers’ social status are getting lower since they are specialists in this field? Actually, nobody expects honesty or morality in the speech by the head of state or the head of large enterprise.
We do not have an established scientific parameter to indicate and to value a person’s “smell”, a tendency of one’s character. Such parameter could be a good help at voting but we do not have it. Perhaps nobody is interested in such quality for politicians.