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The national interest
In the November of 1945, I came back to Tokyo from a deep mountain area where I had been for 15 months with my schoolmates. Tokyo was an open field burned up by the air raids of US bombers. Many orphans and adults without home were drifting in the shack markets. I saw a dead body in the underpass of the Ueno station. I was 10 years old. Then after 2 years, I was 12, a radio drama with a song “Green hills and red roofs” was popular in the streets. It was a story about an orphanage. Thin and no realism drama.
Our life is like waves. The world history is also like waves. Both are series of dramas. The scenes can be dynamic or calm. We are happy, sorry, satisfied or dissatisfied. Every day we face a new situation, often troubles. Generally, the passing time solves troubles and settles them. Often we see those problems turn out to be common ones. However, if a length of a wave were as long as 30 or 40 years then a wave is a whole length of life for private persons. In our history, we had the period of Stalin, Mao Thu Tong and Hitler. The periods were long enough to make the life of common people fatally doomed. The relationship between US and Vietnams definitely troubled, damaged and crashed life of many people. For Japanese, totalitarian military nation continued for 160 years. Japan followed throughout those years the manner of European nations that had continued for 400 years.
The manner to expand the national territory is the warfare. Nations must send their people and fill battlefields with them. Nations prepare their people to be good soldiers through the imprinting and the brainwashing. They are very simple artificial operations. The narrow and limited world filled by the allied and the enemy are the results of this artificial operations. Japanese called this process the national grand design, the Cause.
Even if we live without wars, we must face natural disasters and the worldwide crash of economy. We cannot avoid the natural disasters. The worldwide economic crash happens periodically since it is the result of the economy’s structural disharmony. The natural disaster multiplies its destruction by human errors. The worldwide economic structure has its component such as warfare expenses and energy resource fights that are the main reason of its disharmony. The nations of our world are taking the same course, same route called the national interest. The national interest causes endless long series of mountains of unhappy people with miserable life.