Short short with English summary                         

今回の投票では、英国の興味深い側面が見えた。アガサ・クリスティは、根強い人気を保っている。つまり、彼女の作品が代表する、植民地経営から得た富に支えられた、優雅な生活の描写を懐かしみ、これに違和感を持たない、大きな階層・人口集団があるということだ。しかし、これからは、ロシア・中国・ 印度・日本と同様な、苦労と努力の続く国家経営をしていくこととなる。もうひとつ。今回、英国では、官憲・体制側の、武力・暴力による介入・強制を回避できた。世界には、政権側の暴力による介入・強制を当然とする国も多い。

UK’s referendum
Leave or remain, UK did a referendum. For the English people, it was as a dinosaur appeared on a street. Overheated campaigns with much spiced propaganda were on the edge of lies and deceiving. The campaigns often inclined to be hate speeches against foreign ethnic groups. The scenes were unfortunately similar to those ethical and religious conflicts happening all over the world.
The campaigns were effective and gave the result. It means many people were infected by the campaigns of this sort. The principle of majority rule has a fundamental character i.e. when the subject is heavy and important; the numbers of pros and cons would get close to fifty-fifty. Therefore, the floating vote takes the initiative. The floating vote is by the people who cannot decide, are sometimes not serious, easily agitated and impatient.

It is natural the important heavy matter should be decided seriously after deep thoughts. How can we avoid the risk that the important matter decided by the temporally casual floating vote? A common manner is the two steps vote. Many nations use this one for their president elections. However, it takes days and costs money. My suggestion is that vote in a day but slowly: a voting time for 5 hours followed by the immediate result report then take a rest, an interval of 3 hours. This process will repeat twice. A voting day takes 21 hours, 8 + 8+ 5 hours.
This UK’s referendum had high voter turnout. I think it is questionable just blindly to say the higher voter turnout the better democratic referendum. Since the higher voter turnout means more floating vote people.
By the way, this referendum showed me some other interesting sides of the British people. There are many Agatha Christy fans. The rich elegant life supported by the British colonialism described in her works are still the dream of many people. They are not quite aware of the fact that UK must go through the hard world alone just as Russia, China, India or Japan. Another thing: UK could avoid interventions to the referendum by the establishment and authorities. There are many nations, where people suffer from the brutal violence by their government.