Short short with English summary                         


The animals have the mouth. Next to the mouth, there is a pair of eye. If you try to be very exact, the boarder between the animal and vegetable is not so clear. It is just unclear as the border between the animate world and the inanimate world is. But for such common people as we, the animals have always the mouth and also the eyes. And we call a part of a body, where a mouth and eyes are situated, the face.
When we meet an animal we first of all look at its face. The face sends us a lot of signals such as, "friend or enemy", "harmful or harmless" and "known or unknown". These are the basic and fatal information for us to survive. Naturally when we meet each other the process is the same and the importance is the same.
There is a commercial SNS called "Face Book" which cleverly utilizes its name to conceal the system’s low credibility and lack of identity which are the vulnerable point of the SNS.
The signal that is sent from a face is recognized by the eyes, sight. So important the sight is but is only one of our five senses. And it is said they are quite inferior to the senses of other animals. By the way an interesting fact is that the dogs are color blind. They are color blind but their sense of smell is ten thousand times sharper than us. It is said that for the dogs, they remember and recognize objects based on their olfactory memory.
Food is, together with sleep, inevitable for our survival. (Apart from air / oxygen; the importance of it is the most and exceptional.) I mean it is very basic important information if an object tastes good or bad. Everywhere in the world the TV sending are full of the food program, cooking and gourmet. But ironically enough, TV cannot send tastes of food, sense of smell, temperature and consistency. Even the best actor or actress cannot communicate the taste to us. And again ironically enough the TV figures in gourmet program are so called TV talent without talent.
Of no use to tell that the ultimate contact between us is through the tactile contact and the smell: the sensation of the skin. But, today, many youth believe the IT world is the only and comfortable community for them that has no tactile and smell contact.
The child homicide and the parent homicide by their relatives happen obviously often today. Killings by a stranger are also getting common. It would be a natural consequence.