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18歳 VS 80歳
18歳の若者と80歳の老人と、どちらを信用すべきでしょうか? 当然、80歳。これは、間違いです。明日の存在が不確かな、80歳は、信用してはなりません。銀行では、決してお金を貸してくれません。 それでは、18歳の若者と80歳の老人と、どちらが創造的でしょうか? 新鮮な18歳。これも、間違い。人間、無から創造は出来ません。18歳の若者は、10年ほどの経験、知識しかありません。80歳の老人は、長い長い経験と多量の知識で満ちています。 でも、モーツアルトは幼くして天才作曲家・・・。それは、音楽は、自然、我々人類なら、長い動物としての体験・記憶から産まれるからです。だから、音楽には、国境・言葉の壁がありません。文学には、言葉の壁があります。美術・工芸・建築・ファッション等、固有文化・地域文化に寄りかかったゲイジュツは、全地球では、通用しません。世上持てはやされている、貴重品、芸術作品、巨大建造物は、市場経済に弄ばれた、マヤカシ物で満ちています。
地球の歴史と共にある天災があります。しかし、戦争、経済格差、膨大な被害者を絶え間なく増やしているのは、視野の狭い、目先の欲に血迷った権力者たちが引き起こしている人災です。 人災は、対応すれば、予防、軽減が可能です。若者の将来を損なわないように、80歳の経験・知識を生かしましょう。

18 years old vs. 80 years old
Why is this essay on “18 years and 80 years”? Because “18 and 80” they rhyme well both in Japanese and English. If my essay were in French then the title would have been, “20 vs 4x20”.
An 18 years old youth contra an 80 years old person, which one would you trust?  Naturally you would trust an 80 years old person. This is wrong. You should not trust an 80 years old person who might not be in life tomorrow. No bank would give an 80 years old person a loan.  Then, again comparing an 18 years old one with an 80 years old one, which one could be more creative?  A young fresh 18 years old one is more creative than an 80 years old one. You are wrong again. No human being can create anything without examples. To create means to choose and to amend one’s own knowledge. An 18 years one has only some 10 years’ experience. 80 years old one has a long and rich experience from many years.
But, W. A. Mozart was a genius composer from very young age. Yes, it is because a real music is born from the sounds of nature which we human beings have heard longtime. It stated the time when we took a part as a member of animals, perhaps 2 and a half millions years ago. Therefore there is no national, cultural and language barriers. The literature has a language limit. So called arts such as fine arts, craft arts, architecture or fashion, those which are the products of a society with particular cultural back ground cannot be globally accepted. Those which are praised today are full of fakes driven by the commercial markets.
We are from newly born babies to hundred and some years old. We live in local areas with own languages keeping particular pattern of cultures. But we have come from a same root as human beings. Today we live all over the globe. Our way of life is tied together. Today we utilize and consume natural resources from everywhere. We depend on one common globe. And we live far from happy harmonious world.
We have to face the natural disasters which have been always with us. But that real unhappiness such as wars and miseries are the man-made disasters caused by a bunch of the powered people. We can prevent the man-made disasters. The 80 years olds should use their rich experiences and knowledge to prevent the man-made disasters which are waiting for the life of 18 years old people.