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SHORT SHORT with English summary October 2005
The right side or wrong side    裏表

私は、時々下着の裏表を間違えて着ています。着心地が微妙に異なり気が付くわけですが、まあ、人様にお見せすることもないのでと無視してきました。 先日、思い立って、なぜそういうことが起こるのかを考えて見ました。 どうも、私の日常生活のリズムに原因がありそうだと結論付けました。  「正しく着ていて、パット脱いで洗濯機にいれる。(この時に、多くの場合裏返しになります。)適当に溜まったら洗って、干して、しまう。それを着ると、・・・・・・・・」 という訳です。 だから、次に洗濯すれば、着るときには裏表は再び正しくなって、OK。
私は、考えを続けました。 しかし、本当は、下着の表とはどちら側だろう? 肌に触れる側を表と考え、表と呼ぶべきではなかろうか。  大切なのは、肌に触れる側です。 後ろ襟のタグを気にして、切り取る人は意外にいます。 ゴムや留め具の跡が肌に残るのは、気が利かない事です。  肌に触れる側がなめらかで気持ちの良いようにデザインし、縫製すべきです。
絵を見ると、西洋の大昔の靴は、足に触れる内側だけを考えて作り、外観はその結果というようです。 それが、何時の間にか、靴というと、先ず格好・外観を思い浮かべるようになってしまいました。 足の巾とか厚さは、ようやく寸法の一部になりましたが、内側の材料・縫い方・内側の曲面デザインを取り上げた話題・売り方には出会いません。
世の中は、裏表を取り違えた事例で満ちています。 観光地のお土産の多くは、箱とネーミングだけというのは、話題にもなりません。 テレビ番組は、メッセージ不明の空虚な笑いで組み立てられ、出演者達の姿まで三毛猫と虎猫ほどもちがっていません。 政治家の発言は、あらゆる意味での恣意的な不当な裏表使い分けです。 街の建物は、オフイスも住宅も外観を競っています。 仕事で、暮らしで、日々使い込み身体に馴染ませているのは薄い外観ではないとおもうのですが。  外反母趾の痛みは、足先に止まりません。

The right side or the wrong side
It happens I have my under wear reversed on me. I realize the situation through the very delicate sense of uneasiness. I have neglected the case since it has no importance if I have no intension to exhibit it. The other day I made up my mind to verify the cause and effect of this case. You never know what might happen.
I came to the conclusion that my habit or rhythm of behavior must be the cause. When you take off your under wear it has a tendency to be turned, reversed. And the under wear is thrown in the washing machine, to be washed and dried, and in the chest of drawers. Therefore if you just pick the under wear up and put it on, that is what I do, you have it on you reversed. But never mind, next turn it shall be the right side on you.
I continued my thought. Which side of the under wear shall really be called right? Isn't it the side, which touches on our skin that should be called the right side? The mission of the under wear is to cover, to protect and to keep shape of our body, not to show the cool or hot design of itself. So many of us cut the neck tag off since it is uncomfortable. It is not so sensible to have the clear traces of the elastic bands and clasps. The under wears must be designed that no uncomfortable seams and stitches touch our delicate skin. This is the fundamental function required for the under wear.
The shoes have always been to cover and to protect our feet. For many years the appearance of the foot wears were just the result from the effort of how to nicely fulfill these functions. Today, when we mention about the shoes we imagine the look and the lengths of feet, so called the size numbers. Only recently the widths of feet got the legitimacy to be coded, but not always. On the magazines we meet beautiful pictures of shoes, sometimes with nice legs, but it is very seldom we meet the explanations, sales talk, on the inner materials, inner form design or way of seams. So many people have foot troubles. Such unfamiliar words as "Hallux Valgus" and "Bunion" are common in our daily conversations.
We find so many "The right side or the wrong side" cases. It is mere bagatelle that the tourism souvenirs are the brand names and the design of the wrappings. The TV programs are composed with empty laughter without messages. The speeches by the presidents or politicians are so arbitrarily chosen unjust side as the right side. The office buildings we work and the houses we live are being built just to show the ridiculous facades. The environments where we spend our life are not thin facades. The unbearable aches by "Hallux Valgus" and "Bunion" do not end at the limited toe area.
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